Ashley Wenstrom
Ashley Wenstrom campaign leader

This is my first petition I created, so I'm kinda new to this. But I created this because I recently seen a post about a so called "business" that refuses to train pitbulls. The name of the buisness is called "Piazza's K-9 services unlimited". Once I saw this post I looked them up on Facebook, there I found several post about how dangerous and aggressive pitbulls are. They even stated that "if someone who has a pitbull, to take the dog back from where they got it from. And by taking the dog back they would train their next dog for free as long as the dog wasn't a pitbull". This is sickening and it's disrcirmination against the breed. What this "business" doesn't understand is that NOT ALL PITBULLS are aggressive! Little dogs, medium sized dogs, and large dogs can all be agressive!! Doesn't matter the breed and it's the same way with humans! Theirs good and bad people. I refuse to watch this crappy business run pitbulls in the ground. This is so unprofessional and should NOT be tolerated. I made this petition to help get them off Facebook and stop discriminating the bully breeds. They shouldn't get a chance to promote such horrible things. If you need more proof go to their page and you will see how Nasty these people are!

I wanted to add to this and explain myself a little more as some people are confused and making accusations that shouldn't be made. This petition is more than just being about "Piazza's K-9 service unlimited." He is not the only person who has hatred or has a fear against the Bully breeds. Their is many other people who dislike the breed. Which is why this whole petition was started, it all comes down to how pitbulls are treated. They are constantly being discriminated! I'm always seeing negative comments about how they are vicious and aggressive. But I feel like some people don't realize that it's not the breed that's aggressive. Any breed of dog, small or big, could be aggressive. Any dog could just walk up and bite you just because. I have been nipped at bit by a rotty. Do I hate rottys because that one dog nipped at me? Absolutely not. One dog shouldn't speak for the million other dogs. Same as people. Their are amazing people and some really messed up people. Every dog is different as every human is different. The hate against the breed needs to stop. I understand that people will have their own opinions and I respect that. But they should also respect that if I want to take my pit out in public that they don't act like my dog is a wild animal. I wish people would give the bully breeds a chance. Because my pit is my bestfriend. She's family.
All I'm asking is to keep being the voice for them if you choose to do so. Because as you seen, their are people who wish they could take that type of breed away.

*Thank you all for the support! As I'm writing this we have over 1,000 people who signed. That's a lot of people. I never thought it would get this many reactions. But it makes me happy, not for what the trainer did, but for everyone speaking up and voicing their opinion. Keep on sighning and sharing! Let's see how far this can go❤️❤️



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