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In the world today, people are living longer than people born 30 to 40 years earlier. As the advancement of technology and medicine, Government estimated the old age population will grow substantially. Life expectancy over 100 years old will not be uncommon in 20 years time.
A lot of people now age 60, born in late 1950's are still very active and healthy. They are better educated than their parents, as the economy growth accelerated rapidly during the 70's and 80's. A lot of these people held key positions in different organizations during their work life. Some may force to early retirement due to lay off as the economic meltdown in 2008. Some may just hit a pause button and left the work force due to personal reason. Those managed to find a job again faced another invisible wall when they reached the retirement age of 60.
I constantly asked myself why you have to retire at certain age even if you are very capable of performing well? I will ask the audience for the same "why?"
Doctors, lawyers, lectures, scientific researcher and other professionals can continue practice or hire by Organizations which perceived their value proportional to their years of experience and age. But for general management managers and workers, this goes inversely.
I personally think the senior persons still can contribute and add value to a organization as good as the professionals if they are being given the opportunities. What needed is a paradigm shift with current inherent mind set.
In my 20+ years management work experience, when I hire a person, I don't just consider it as a job position filling, I viewed it as an investment that adding value to the company.

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現在很多60歲以上的人仕,大約在五十年代末出生的,很多還是非常活躍和健康。由於70年代和80年代的經濟增長迅速,他們很多受教育的程度比上一代的人度高。很多這些人在他們的職業工作過程中擔任過很多不同組織和機構的關鍵職位。有些人可能會因2008年經濟崩潰而被迫提前退休。有些人可能因為個人原因而暫停工作。那些找回工作的人在到達60歲退休年齡的時候再次碰到另一幅無形的牆。”退休等於職業生崖的終结? 一經退休永遠不再次被僱用?”
我常常問自己,即使你仍然有很強的工作表現能力,為什麼你一定要在某個指定的年齡退休? 我會問閱讀者相同的問題“為什麼?”


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