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Let's Bring Hannah Home This Xmas

Dear Friends and Activists,

I wanted to share with you the story of Hannah an Old English Sheepdog who was rescued from the slaughterhouse in China. You can see the before and after photos and the link will tell you her full story.

It is truly a miracle she is alive.I  also wanted to share with you what it is like to go to a slaughterhouse and for you to know the real heroes are.They are in China.Korea and throughout Asia working against the odds with little or no funding and no thanks to make a difference.In fact the government in China is currently going round issuing closure notices to shelters.

Our campaign has run for over 5 years yet it never ceases to amaze me how many different breeds find their way to be slaughtered for food and fur.

An Old English Sheepdog is iconic in the UK which is why we are flying her over ( finally) with some other lucky dogs this XMAS.It is freezing cold right now and after a year and half in harsh conditions following her rescue she needs this.

All dogs and cats deserve a chance and together if we keep on going we can do this.Let's keep campaigning, keep rescuing and keep supporting grassroots activists dedicated to change.


Julia de Cadenet

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