Nicolae Cirpala
Nicolae Cirpala campaign leader

Politicians with Sanctions tools supposed to Self-resign, Global Action
All politicians that use sanctions and other tools that disturbing the world instead of building World Peace supposed to self-resign. We all people elect politicians to serve people and make this world better, however we see in the news constantly that many politicians behave as kids from kindergarten. Especially this is very dangerous for politicians, head of states that now are argue in public with each other, disturbing the world keeping it in tension, and even some are developing and proudly exposing their big toys - armaments and initiate military conflicts where people are dying.
Additionally it is very strange nowadays of transparency that we people who elect those politicians still pay them big salaries from our taxes to do this, but it supposed to work vice versa politicians supposed to work only for people's well-being and World Peace.
Humankind is desperately waiting for politicians to mature and make only wise steps for well-being of all people. Especially this is actual nowadays in the time of tremendous development of humankind where long awaited dream of humankind world of peace could be built very easy.
Let’s unite everybody with this Global Action to help politicians to move toward the world of global peace by 2020 as is written in the eBook “The world of 2020” (read more about at )



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