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Children are the Future keepers of this planet,Lets make sure she is around for them.Coal Mining is a thing of the past,We have much better and more enviromentally ways to get our fuels,they will be "Green" and so much better for our beautiful Planet,Its time we stoppds treating her like shit because we are the ones who will pay for it in the end,Planet Earth might take a beating from us but she will heal,we wont survive what she will throw at us due to ignoring the signs and following like sheep to the wool store!!!WAKE UP PEOPLE AND START LOVING OUR MOYHER EARTH!!!!!!!START TREATING HER LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!!! LOVE AND CHERISH EVERY MOMENT ON THIS PRECIOUS PLANET,TREAT HER WITH RESPECT IF YOU WANT TO LIVE A LONGER LIFE.Bye and take care of our beautiful lives on this delicate,precious and wonderful world,IF you love life and the planet we live on, and help take care of her, you will be forever happy,and thanjful for this precious life we are blessed with.So fuck it all and go have a cold one or 3,3 or 5 and a few bongs but whateva you do do not DRIVE.Happy endings and JAH BLESS.

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