Update #5 ·

Petition Update and Recent Contact with the ACOG

The Communications Director of the ACOG reached out to me to set up a phone meeting with the CEO and Executive Vice President, Dr. Hal Lawrence, at his request. Dr. Lawrence and I spoke for almost an hour. In that time, he told me that he still remembers his endometriosis patients and the difficulties they endured. He also was very open to research and information supporting a multidisciplinary approach to the clinical challenges that endometriosis patients face and possibly updating the practice bulletin to be reflective of that perspective. Dr. Lawrence agreed that endometriosis can be a surgically challenging disease.This multidisciplinary approach would include the policy of referral to an endometriosis surgical specialist that works within a high volume, multidisciplinary center of care for patients in need. He also said that this conversation was timely because the endometriosis practice bulletin is scheduled to be updated within the next six months. 

Earlier this week, the ACOG was sent the research Dr. Lawrence requested that supports multidisciplinary care, as well as a revised version of the endometriosis practice bulletin that highlights a multidisciplinary treatment approach and addresses the patient concerns expressed throughout this petition.  More updates to come as we await feedback from the ACOG to see if they are committed to incorporating suggested research as they update practice standards. As always, an abundance of gratitude is sent to all of those who continue to support these efforts.


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