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More than halfway there!!

Thanks for your kind support! 

Only three days ago Rebuild a Sustainable Puerto Rico was started with an initial goal of 1000 signatures to demand, in no uncertain terms, a comprehensive plan for a Decentralized Renewable Energy System. We are halfway there and expect to raise the bar to collect more signatures. 

Why is it important to raise your voice? 

✔️We can no longer walk away from the facts that affect our daily lives, businesses and most basic human interactions. 

✔️We have seen how our outdated electrical system affects everyone and not just a few. How the distribution and generation of energy depends on making our cities less livable and less competitive. 

✔️It's simple, if this expensive system depends on deforestation of our sidewalks and towns, if this system is centralized, inefficient and depends on contaminants, it's not working for us, but against us. 

Let no one tell you that it is not possible. Inneficiency serves NO ONE. 

Loss of work hours, schools unable to open, hospitals unable to supply the most basic services, industry halted for weeks. Each one of us have suffered time and time again the consequences of a model that CAN be changed. 

Our beautiful island deserves better. Power for a few - the energy monopoly- has meant power for no one. Democratic, comprehensive and decentralized renewable energy system works at many levels, opens up growth opportunities for many and preserves our environment. 

We are ready NOW. 

Thanks again for making the difference. 

Keep sharing the message!  

Renewable Hugs, Cristina

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