Thanks to recent supporters!

PlayPumps International extends a heartfelt thanks to recent supporters and donors to our cause. Some of those spectacular supporters include: - Sheila Fath - Victoria Egan - Yancey Zane Mcfalls - James Alva Haye (made a Birthday Wish!) - Heather Simon (made…Read More

About your birthday...

Is your birthday coming up? You can help PlayPumps International bring clean drinking water to schools in southern Africa by setting up a Birthday Wish through our cause, "PlayPumps International: Kids play. Water pumps!" It’s great fun, especially if you…Read More

You are brilliant

We wanted to share a truly moving note of thanks from Kenna, the Grammy-nominated Chairman of our Campaign: Malawi Click on the link and share it with your friends. For Twitter, use this URL:…Read More

Help The Facebook PlayPump Find a Home: Malawi

Hello everyone, We're dedicating our Facebook Causes PlayPump water system to be among the first of the dedicated pumps for our Campaign: Malawi project. We're bringing clean water to schools and communities in Malawi with 100 pumps funded by this…Read More

World Water Day Updates

Hi everyone, World Water Day is fast approaching and we’re more than halfway to funding the Facebook Causes water pump. We still have time to reach our goal of one PlayPump water system before World Water Day on March 22nd. Here are a few ways you can…Read More

Halfway to Our Facebook PlayPumps Goal

We're more than halfway to our goal of providing the Facebook PlayPump to a community in sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to everyone who has given to the Cause. We're almost there... We know the economic realities of our world right now, which is why providing…Read More

We're half-way to one pump

We're almost to the $7,000 mark in our Facebook Causes PlayPump campaign. You can help us reach our goal of funding one complete PlayPump by World Water Day on March 22. It's so easy to make a difference by providing clean water to children and communities in…Read More
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