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Pitsenbarger Memorial Statue fundraising goal met

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I can announce the needed funds to sculpt and place the William Pitsenbarger Memorial Statue in the main enterence of the PJ/CRO school has been met. Together with all of your support and contributions it…Read More

Pitsenbarger Project says thank you

I just want to take a moment out there to say thank you to all of you who have recently joined, those who are actively telling others about this important cause, and ecspecially all those who did it by inviting others to view the PJ memorial video. As a…Read More

Golf Tournement

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. I want to take a moment to publicy say thank you to those of you who have made recent contributions. We just met with another PJ in Sante Fe NM who has been raising funds through his business and donated another…Read More

William Pitsenbarger

For all of you on the AIG or happen to have known Bill personally this is already known. However for all our supporters, 43 years ago on April 11th 1966 William H. Pitsenbarger was killed in action during a combat rescue mission in Vietnam. An HH-43 lowered…Read More

Pitsenbarger Project

In the past week we have tripled the number of supporters to this project, with great thanks to those who invited others and posteed the link on your wall. For our new supporters, I'd like to ask you if you would do the same, but before you do, if you…Read More

Pitsenbarger Memorial

In the last few days we've had another dozen great individuals join to support the Pits Project. Collectively we have a wonderfully diverse group of people. Fellow PJs, family members, and friends, friends of friends, those who may not have anything to do…Read More
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