Legislation to allow dogs into outside Eatery's that wish to be dog friendly will be presented in March to the Ala. Legislature.. Lets all cross our fingers!!

Petitions for the Dogs

The Petition to try to change the State of Alabama's Law against "Pet Friendly" eating establishments are now up at the Cove.. Come sign it this weekend if your in the area.. Also, we'll have the petition up on this site asap.. Representative Stephen…Read More

Save the dogs at Pirate's Cove!

Ladies and gentlemen, After a very brief post-summer break (locals understand where we are coming from), we are back with more determination than ever. We have created a nonprofit organization. As soon as we can find the appropriate beneficiary, the link…Read More

Saving the dogs at Pirate's Cove

Ladies and gentlemen, We need your assistance now more than ever. We have prepared a stellar news release, and we are studying the local laws diligently. We are inching closer to our goal, but it will take some time. Patience is indeed a virtue. Again, if…Read More

We need some help!

We are hopeful that perhaps one of the 1300 of you are familiar, or know someone who is familiar with Alabama codes, statutes, and the law. We came up with a few ideas at the meeting, and we could use some advice on possible avenues to pursue. Is anyone…Read More

Let's get to work!

Please feel free to contact Mr. Bill Kelly at 251-947-3557, and Mr. Chad Kent at 251-947-6206. They are the local health and environmental supervisors. Please contact them only once, as we are sure that the sheer quantity of calls should be sufficient. Thank…Read More

Making some progress...

We've been collecting information from several sources. A meeting of the minds is in the very near future. Please stay tuned... we will need your help soon! Look for more announcements later in the week. Please continue to spread the word! We will need as…Read More
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