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Feel remiss for not updating more but since I do most from my phone, if I get on, I wish Facebook didn't change the look of this. Maybe it's the same on a computer but if I come here on my phone it is odd and have trouble doing anything. Regardless of my…Read More

happy summer

it's summer, hard to want to heat the house by using the oven but I have come across a pie that I truly believe I have to make and try. Here is a link to it.

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Hope spring if finding everyone in good shape. Noticed the fruit trees here already have fruit starting on them and to. me that means pie. Hope you all do something nice for someone today, being that it's Tax day. Think we all can use a boost after seeing how…Read More

thoughts about pies

Well school has started and Old Threashers is almost upon us and the rodeo is quick to be here. With all the things going on I know that it is hard to find time to make a pie or some other gift to give someone but let us find "time" to visit. We all know…Read More

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well we are fast approaching July!! Wow this year has brought major changes and set backs to a lot of people across the maps. There have been floods, tornadoes, wild fires... I know some of you have helped or been effected by these also, so while a pie could…Read More

(no subject)

well we are now firmly into April! Where does the time fly? I hope everyone has been doing good and has had the opportunity to give someones life a lift and more importantly I hope your life has recieved some blessings too.

(no subject)

has anyone brightened your day lately? Have you given anyone a lift? Karma is an amazing thing, if you need a pick-me-up, go do something nice for someone else and see if somehow it is not recipicated? The knowing you did something nice for someone is a gift…Read More
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