Help Kill the PLASTIC MONSTER by supporting AB 1998!

Many would say plastic bags are convenient, but it comes at a cost to the environment and to your wallet. Billions of taxpayer dollars are spent each year cleaning streets, beaches, parks and storm drains. Additionally, marine wildlife either die from…Read More

A Summer Hello!

Hi everyone! Richard here with PICK UP ONE PIECE OF TRASH A DAY! I just wanted to thank you all for being a part of this Facebook Cause!! We have grown from being only a "CLIQUE" of 5 members to an enormous "CREW" of 435 all thanks to your support and sharing…Read More


Hey guys! Richard here with PICK UP JUST ONE PIECE OF TRASH A DAY. Forgive me for emailing and notifying you all with information from another cause I direct. It was an accident, but it's a blessing in disguise I suppose. If you don't know about Global…Read More
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