Boone on CNN and Imus in the Morning

Army this just in, Boone will be on CNN’s State of The Union on Sunday at 12:40pm ET giving “The Final Word.” Monday he’ll be on Imus in the Morning, be sure to check your local listings. Boone will be on…Read More

One Year Anniversary

Fellow Army members, The one year anniversary of the Pickens Plan is right around the corner. And what an amazing year it has been! As we continue marching forward, we’d like some feedback from you about how we’re doing and to learn more about how you’d…Read More

Boone Writes About Breaking Our Addiction to Foreign Oil

In the current issue of U.S. News & World Report, T. Boone Pickens has an essay which begins: “America is at a crossroads” sounds like tired campaign rhetoric, but when it comes to energy policy, we are in the middle of the intersection. Boone reminds…Read More

We need to keep pushing forward

Army! The pace of our march toward energy independence is picking up. Legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives – H.R. 1835 – which will make a huge difference in the way we use domestic natural gas to replace foreign oil. H.R.…Read More

Those First 100 Days

Army! We’re on the march. Every measure of how much President Obama has produced in his first 100 days includes a discussion on how much of the Pickens Plan has been put into place or is well along in the legislative process. You know that I have insisted…Read More

The Pickens Plan Page is at 29,457 fans on Facebook today.

The Pickens Plan Facebook page is just shy of 30,000 fans! If you haven't already, please join. Also, share the Pickens Plan with just one of your Facebook friends today and let's get to 30,000 strong in support of energy…Read More

The Virtual March continues!

Army. Last week was a great week that built upon some exciting things happening in Washington...and of course there was the Virtual March. And all indications are that we're having a huge impact: A few…Read More
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