Today is the last day to get a hearing on SB 525

Please call Sen. Lee Beyer 503-986-1706 and ask for a hearing on SB 525 - opt-in for phonebooks in Oregon. Last day to get a hearing

Phone call with Senator Lee Beyer

Please Call Senator Beyer ASAP @ 503-986-1706 if you think SB525 this bill should be heard. He does not think this situation needs to be changed. for background, visit:

A new fan page for the cause

Hey all, please come visit our new fan page. I think this will be an additional, and possibly, more powerful, tool, to effect the change we want to see. After the Phonebook

SB 525 is now in the Senate Business, Transportation and Economic Development Committee - Sen. Beyer needs to hear from you

Hi there, it's time for action on our part. Here is a new place I'm using to organize this cause - and, if you're ready to take some action, please contact Senator Beyer and the other members of this committee and request…Read More

Action time: Time to contact State Senator, Lee Bayer and ask him to have a hearing on SB 525

OK! Action time! To those who really want to see this legislation move in Oregon, please send a note to State Senator, Lee Beyer, in whose committee SB 525 sits. It's legislation that moves Oregon to an opt-in system for phonebooks.…Read More

Meeting today with folks from the area who care about this issue

and came across this - blast from the past. my review of the issue when I put it forward a few years ago.

Ban the phonebook has a fun contest: I entered as per below

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