URGENT - Attention: Petition For Paula supporters!

During the past decade you may have added your name to a petition seeking to keep the killers of 16-year-old honor student Paula Bohovesky behind bars. Paula and her family need your help again, right now. We understand that Richard LaBarbera, one of…Read More

Time Again to Sign the Petition for Paula

On January 1, 2013, Paula Bohovesky would have celebrated her 49th birthday. We can only imagine the woman she would have become. What happened to her? The most tragic event. On the night of October 28, 1980, Richard LaBarbera and Robert McCain savagely…Read More

Only Three Hours Left To Sign...

Robert McCain will be addressing the parole board next week. It is my understanding that he plans to paint himself as a victim; that as he was never prosecuted for rape, those accusations have biased the parole board. I've started a petition of my own…Read More

McCain granted another delay -- Pirates ready the fleet.

Paula's classmates have organized a cause page to better support the Petition for Paula organization and other groups that share their common goals, and as a means to keep concerned citizens informed. We are the Pirates for Paula, we have some very…Read More

URGENT -- Please Post Forward:

The mini-documentary that chronicles the recent Freeze Mob for Paula will be released early next week ... just in time for McCain's hearing. It is vital that we get the word out as soon as it launches. Any on twitter willing to set up auto tweets on tweetdeck…Read More

First Parole Hearing Results

We are pleased to tell you that the first murderer, Richard LaBarbera, had his parole hearing in early May and he was denied! Thanks to all that signed the petition you can be sure that it had a huge impact on the judgement. This means he stays where he is…Read More

Join the Petition for Paula - We are running out of time.....

Our time is running out, there are only days left until we must present our petitions to the NYS Parole Board; the first hearing is on May 9, 2011. If you are going to help us keep the convicted killers in jail, please visit http://www.petitionforpaula.orgRead More
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