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I am a grandmother of 3 beautiful little girls that were taken by Harnet County CPS on Feb.8th of 2010. There were false allegations made against the father and the mother of the children. Never police reports filed, anonymous calls were made to CPS from people that were mad at the father and mother. The CPS worker would change to a different one every time I demanded a home study of my home.

CPS worker claimed to contact all family members to see about placement of the children. Not true, my brother and my mother were NEVER contacted. Three bogus reasons were made to why I was not able to get them. It didn't matter that I OWN my home and that I have 2 empty bedrooms. The worker testified that my home was clean an that I had ample space but that there were 3 reasons I shouldn't be considered. Here they are: 1. She claimed that during one of our supervised visits at CPS my oldest granddaughter (3 at the time) fondled my breasts and I did nothing about it. Really??? This is far from the truth. My granddaughter would sit on my lap with her arms around me and cry wanting to know when her and her sisters were coming home . 2. The same worker claimed that I had taught my granddaughter to make herself throw up to "keep her petite figure" when she was 2 yrs. old. Are you serious???? Another lie they told. 3. Once again the same worker testified that I told the same granddaughter that dead people lived in the river that is on the way to my home. This also is FAR from the truth. We (myself, my granddaughter, and her mother) had gone through a traffic checkpoint at the same river. The police were asking people if they knew about an incident that had occurred a week before where there was suspicion of a drowning. So, my granddaughter had overheard and asked the officer what drowning meant? He replied "it's when you fall in the water and you don't make it out". So, is he able to keep his children??? Of course.

I also have the 500+ pages from the transcripts from this hearing. There are more than 3 or 4 times this same worker was caught not telling the truth. By this I mean she would change her stories several times and it was brought to the judges attention and he did nothing about it.

I was kicked out of the courtroom and NEVER allowed to testify because I was accused of taking pictures in the courtroom. It even states in the transcripts that the judge took my phone and saw NO so called pictures on it. I was given back my phone and escorted from the courtroom after I was talked to like a dog. As I was leaving the courthouse (being escorted by a female bailiff) the bailiff was radioed to bring me back to the courtroom. The judge spoke to me in the same manner and told me to give him my phone. When I questioned this I was told he could take it if he wanted too and it would be returned to me when the whole case was finished.

I could say a lot more,but, it would take a day or two. They're corrupt and they need to be stopped. I have not seen my granddaughters in almost 4 years. I can not begin to tell you what it feels like when birthdays come around, holidays or vacation seasons. They were 3, 1 1/2 , and also the youngest was a month and 3 weeks old. This is like dying a slow, painful death. The senators and the heads of state don't care. I CAN PROVE everything I'm saying and more.

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