Shireen Omar is working to Stop illegal hunting of Migratory Birds in Pakistan

Shireen Omar

Migratory birds are an important part of Pakistan's ECO=SYSTEM, without which a lot of sustainable life. flaura and fauna as we know it will perish/
The lower official government officials in cahoots with the Arab rich petrodollars have already illegallly destroyed most of this firstly by the massacring of the Haboura Bustard, thus destroying a whole system and are now after the smaller game, taking advantage of not only poverty but link ups with 'higher officer' who have a share in the bounty.
This state of affairs has come to such a pass'e that a lot of migratory birds have begun to by-pass Pakistan all together. A situation both harmful for birds and country alike.
Please help in re-storing this historic route again as every signature os sign of assent helps, so that we can have these magnificent birds back on their centuries old route and our land back to it's original splendour, I beseech you.
Do spread the word for us.
Thanking you
Shireen Omar

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