Donna Hardin is working to STOP Harassing A Veteran's PTSD Disability

Donna Hardin
I CARE about OUR Soldiers, and they sacrifice so much of themselves, for the good of OUR country. Some pay the consequences of WAR, by suffering from PTDS. This is a very REAL problem causing them anguish,painful memories and thoughts that terrorize them,stress,depression, and an inability to function well in society. They don't CAUSE it, and they sure don't ASK for it! Therefore, WE,as Americans and true PATRIOTS,who depend on them to keep us free and safe from harm, must be their voice to STOP the discrimination against them, when it comes to their DISABILITY. They deserve it, and they certainly earn it, after their service, for the very ones trying to cut them off! PLease HELP them by signing this petition on their behalf so that the harassment will end! God Bless our SOLDIERS.

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