Amanda Polack is working to secure basic legal rights for animals

Amanda Polack

animals are more pleasant than most people they don't lie they don't steal they don't hurt others for pleasure or because they are high or intoxicated they don't kill for money, and they are brighter than the people who abuse them, anyone who abuses and animal should be treated the same way they treated the animal. poachers should have their noses cut out and first offence take out one eye, second offence remove the other eye, that would be justice. It is sad that the people who are abusing animals are almost certainly to thick to be able to read this, or anything else for that matter. Sad but true it is surely a reflection of the amount of brain matter and the amount of civilization someone has when someone treats an animal badly, I would love to put a few poachers in their own traps and leave them there to die or let other people come and hack bits of them off for muti or something. The other day I saw someone kicking something on the ground I thought it was a dog I went charging over to stop them, when I saw it was a person I walked away. Animals can't defend themselves and I bet it is pathetic little men who are underdeveloped in the male department that feel the need to hurt the defenseless and helpless animals. Shame pity those with small brains and smaller male parts. We know real men would never hurt an animal, and real men would never allow it.

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