Michelle Trudgen is working to No Dredging @ James Price Point/Protect Whale nursery & Migration Routes

Michelle Trudgen

I have had the privilege of knowing this place from when I was young, I know the history, heritage & cultural significance of this magic country. It is truly magnificent, James Prices Point has been studied for many years & is still currently being studied by archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists & students world wide. The heritage, culture & songlines are still very much alive & practiced, there is truly no place on earth that has the mythological culture links that is still practised to the many dinosaur footprints that run for 200km in either direction. Not to mention the whale hub nursery & the fact that many endangered species such as our beloved bilby reside there. James Prices Point is a living & breathing museum, the many reefs provide sanctuary & food for many sea life including dugongs & the turtles that come & lay their eggs on the beach, again all of this has cultural links to the Indigenous people of that country. There is no amount of money that could ever replace such a significant site. We have to leave some places as they are for our future generations. The tourism value of James Prices Point is massive, especially in a world hell bent on destroying and mining. There are alternatives, we are on the brink of an energy revolution and all the gas & coal mining will be so out-dated & to expensive to pursue in the next 10 to 15 years, shareholders are already looking to future energy investments such as solar & wind..Please I beg you to help us preserve & keep this place as pristine as possible...

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