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Jessica England

Life is so much more than just the useless stuff we buy in stores. Everything we do has a reaction and a consequence. Where is the money that you spend going and what is it being put to?
I love animals--I don't want to put more funds into the hands of people like the TCA in Cali therefore I will not be a AAA member (there is a greener option). This gives less support to the people who want to build over Trestles State Park.
This is just one example of billions!

cosmetics--choose wisely, a lot of them perform cruel testing on lab animals.
cleaners--get rid of them! at least the harsh ones, they kill sea life!
gasoline-- F U BP!

and a super big one this time of the year, wrapping paper. Gift wrap is not recyclable (unless it says it is). there is usually too much ink and dye for it to be recycled, and that only goes for the paper kind.
try reusing gift wrap or new things to wrap with like a scarf instead.

think cradle to cradle.
not cradle to grave.

otherwise we will all end up being buried in our own trash.

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