Bob Schulenberg is working to get NBC to cancel inhumane hunting show, Under Wild Skies

Bob Schulenberg

At a time when we are becoming aware of the plight of wild animals being hunted or in the case of elephants, being poached to the point of near extinction, NBC, under the aegis of their SportsNetwork, is producing "Under Wild Skies" featuring a major NRA personality; a recent episode showed an elephant being shot in the face and the film crew following and continuing to film the in pain and suffering animal as it dies.
If you have any thoughts about this "entertainment", I hope you'll express them to the President of programming for NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network,
Jon Miller, to Mark Lazarus, the Chairman NBC Sports Group, to Sam Flood, Executive Producer of NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network and Jon Litner, NBC Sports Group.
If for nothing else, do it for the wildlife.
PS: NBC is at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC and I'm sorry to not have the zip code!

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