DavidMinton Silva is working to say NO to Jeh Johnson for Homeland Security Chief

DavidMinton Silva

Went into the AirForce directly upon graduating from High School in Gardena, At 17 sudenly to virtually homeless with no college acceptance and great promises of education paid by military I jumped on board and spent four years in SAC and was at an isolated base mostly below xero for nearly four years. I had joined I thought to see the worked not be a logistics slave that kept the bombers flying.
It was the smartest move I ever made eventhough I am a pacifist and the isolated base just meant I was a young boy constantly gang raped and even hospitalized for it each winter except the las one I served. I had gotten a R&R to layover in Hawaii on the way home from a secret mission that was disgraceful and yet allowed me to let my hair down.

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