Cathy Burrows is working to Pray to End Abortion

Cathy Burrows

To stop abortion is my life's work. I work with Birth Right , member of Grand Strand Citizens For Life, and will start with Coastline Women Center for pregnancy and family planning. I have to take the Bible study Forgiven and set free to be Abortion councilor. I have saved five babies that I know of. I hope there are many more that I don't know. So Pro-Life is my life's work and my passion. If any one has has an abortion Rachel's Vineyards Retreat will be the best thing you could ever do for your self. Your life will be better. Just remember God has already forgiven you. Now forgive yourself. Which is very hard keep on, stand tall, hold head high, you will see you can do it! One day you will wake up you'll realize you have forgiven your self! God bless.

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