TN Marriage Equality is working to tell Chattanooga's mayor: Stand up for the Freedom to Marry!

TN Marriage Equality

Marriage matters to us because we are in a loving, committed, monogamous relationship just like any other couple who wishes to be married. Our relationship is based on trust, honesty, and other traditional core values. Marriage would mean not having to worry about being allowed visitation rights if one of us was hospitalized, filing our taxes together, someday being able to have both our names on our child's birth certificate, and so much more.

What would it mean to have the freedom to marry in Tennessee? Marriage in our home state would be a validation of equality. It would mean the government recognizes that our relationship is legitimate rather than treating my fiancé and I like second-class citizens. Having the freedom to marry in Tennessee would mean we won't have to fly to another state in order to make our vows legally binding only to return home and not have our marriage recognized.

We will not be forced to move out of our home and away from our friends and families for equal rights, but rather we will keep fighting until we see change here in Tennessee. Since change starts at a local level, we pledge to get our mayor to sign Mayors for the Freedom to Marry to show that not everyone in Tennessee supports discrimination. Will you pledge to speak with your mayor too?

If you would like tips on setting up a meeting with your mayor, talking points, etc. message us on Facebook at

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