Tammy Dumond is working to triumph over the stigma around intimate partner violence

Tammy Dumond

My Son was taken by DHHS in Bangor Maine I have not been allowed to see him its been 18 months I have yet to get him home I have tried to fight for him since day one I have gone as far as I can go I have petitioned the Court systems I have appealed the Judges all this plus much much more alone but I am at the point of much needed help I need a lawyer and/or a private investigator to help now my Son was a kin ship placement he is my Xs nephew I have no blood relationship to him but I didn't realize you have NO rights if not bio I Love my Son he is my bio Son to me but the state thinks if your not bio you cant Love like they are yours I have had my Son since he was 9 days old how much closer can you get then that I am BEGGING and PLEADING FOR SOME MUCH NEEDED HELP TO BRING PLEASE PLEASE HELP BRING CHRISTOPHER HOME PLEASE!

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