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The campaign matters to me because i was once a teen mother whose carrer goals weredelayed for a while as i took care of my first born son.My teachers taught all the brains were wasted,however i had to push and enrol as a primary school teacher.In my teaching career they saw me as an etra -ordinary teacher who forged her way between school inspectors.I would make powerful presentation that mademe to visible primary school teacher.I would assist curriculum designers and education advisors to come up with excellent lesson plans.I enrolled in distance eduaction to pursue my diploma and degree at the same time playing my motherly role.At night the child would be crying and at the same time I had to focus in my studies.I was living in an abuse environment where the husband would go drinking and come shout and he would throw out my books through the window.The husband would stalk me at the corridors of the university.But that never made me to giveup.I was promoted to the position of career guidance and i work deligently and honestly with young people.I pushed to continue with my studies in that environment there maen who were looking down up me.I bargained with my job to do my masters in counselling and human services.I was told in no uncertain terms that i will not be awarded government scholarship,mind you my son I was running the house single- handed.Had to pay tertiary tution for my son and daughter.I was aslo paying exorbitant fees for my son in a private school.I managed to sell my unit shares to pay for my first year tution for my masters.To make ends meet at the university i had to run around the campus selling airtime and working as reseach assistant.When there were seminars and conferences at the university i would volunteer to assist the secretariat.To me that was powerful in terms of enriching my C.V and gaining experience.Now I am a Director of a Career guidance and Counselling Unit in Swaziland.Who had everthought from such humble beggining to a powerful position.I want to mentor teen mothers that there is always the second chance as long as you make the right choices.Believe in yourself!!!Learn from my story.Even today want to fly like an egle and shine like a diamond!!!!!!!!!!!

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