Joanie Fritz Zosike is working to ban fracking in New York

Joanie Fritz Zosike

They're laying pipes on Bowery between Astor Place and Houston in NYC. I live on right in this area. This construction is, most likely, the beginning of fracking infrastructure for NYC. How lovely to have a poison pipeline half a block away. Like having a well blow up a geyser in your face, or poison your grandchildren. Or having your tap water burst into flames. This has got to stuff. This is a local and global issue and affects each and every one of us. Can we get some pledges here? If each of us call the Governor of NY not once, but repeated times, this could make a considerable difference. One would hope. And we must continue to hope that we can put the pressure on the government before fracking puts additional pressure on us by further compromising our already vulnerable environment. Thanks for all you do!

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