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I played football till i was forty (the other world football) , and got out of shape. Well now I'm semi back in shape, my biggest problem wasn't food groups but attitude. I'm trying to get in mental shape by going to school, it seems to me that food is important in this endeavor especially organic non-tampered with food like GM F's. I believe in sound mind , sound body, and these genetically tampered foods can't be good for the body let alone the chemistry that makes it tick. Not to mention the lack of safeguards being enforced, certain large food corporations , do not even list whether they have genetically modified organisms within their products. You must ask yourself, why is this? To get back to attitude, attitude has a lot to do with brain chemistry. I am far from being a scholar but while working on a paper had come across many facts concerning GM O's and GM F's. Spend a few minutes on the internet and punch in Genetically modified foods and Genetically modified organisms these two terms (modified) should be replaced with " Engineered".

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