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Mary Bingaman

2 years to the day, we adopted another mini American Eskimo named Foxie. We drove from MO to the other side of TN, near the NC state line to pick her up. Friends Sally & Robert, had an American Eskimo Rescue & they had just gotten her a few days before. She was & is the cutest little ball of fluff. They thought she was about 4 months old, they had driven to the some where in TN to pick her up from a woman who called, her husband had found Foxie behind the mall, 1 evening but they were both out of work & were losing their home & wanted her to be taken care of & go to a good home. That happened just about the time, I had posted on Eskie Shots, that we were looking for a playmate for Lexie. I wanted another female, small because of my back issues I needed to be able to lift her in an emergency situation, if it ever happened. Foxie we suspect may have been a puppy mill cast away. Turned out when I took her to my vet, she was about 6-10 months old, when Sally got her, she had the worse infestation of fleas, she had ever seen on a dog, & she was AKC perfect, except under her left eye, where the dark outline is, hers had a tiny break in the black & it was white for about less than 1/4 of an inch, so she wasn't able to be a show dog but we didn't care, we didn't want a show dog. She was so "high strung" my vet called it, he had to put her on a tranquilizer for a while & delay spaying her, because she was so unattached to anybody or anything, he was afraid if he put her under anesthesia, she wouldn't wake up. He waited 6 weeks before spaying her. She didn't want to be loved, was extremely hard to housebreak & we had to start using baby wipes on her everyday to clean her up so she wouldn't get urine burns because she has no idea, how to clean herself like every other dog we had ever had. We think when they found out she would't bring top dollar as a "PERFECT" American Eskimo, she was taken from her mother, much too early & dumped & had to fend for herself till these people found her. It must have broken her heart when they couldn't take care of her after a month & gave her away & then she was at Sally & Robert's for about 5 days, when we went to pick her up. No wonder she was high strung & unattached, she was probably waiting for us to give her away again. After having her for 7 months, I seriously had reservations about if we could ever get through to her to let her know we loved her. Our grandsons Brannon was 5 yrs. & Connor was 4 yrs. old when they came & stayed with us for 7 weeks that summer. They fell in love with her & carried her around for those 7 weeks on a pillow everywhere. When they went back home to TX, she missed them but she started letting us hold her for longer than a minute, then she actually got to where she would lay on the bed & sleep during the day if you were taking a nap. Oh, I forgot to mention that when we got Foxie, she didn't chew & swallow her food, she swallowed it whole in seconds & lots of the time it came back up whole & unchewed in a few minutes. Finally bought a bowl to slow down fast eaters & now 5 yrs. later she eats her meals so nice & slow & she will take food from your hand so gently, even more so than Lexie! She is still changing after 5 yrs. , she is now very trusting of people she knows, & will actually go for a walk with someone other than my husband, Gary or myself. She has learned to wear a collar for walks before she went nuts if she saw the leash & collar. She is happy, loves to play games, like trying to see if she can get out the front door when you are trying to get out, we have a fence with the gate always closed, so she can't get away but 1 day 1 of our employees, accidentally left the gate open & she got out. Thank God we don't live on a busy street, she got between 2 vans parked out front & stopped like, "Okay now what?", She started spinning in circles, which she has always done when upset or confused but I opened my car door & she jumped right in, so I took her for a ride up the block & brought her right back home. She has always spun in circles from the day we got her, when she was upset, (she did a lot of it the 1st few years) not too much now. To this day she still can't make a decision between 2 things. (ex. if you put 2 food bowls down & try to let her pick which 1 she wants, she can't & starts spinning) Just last week, we had a colder night & somehow she unzipped her crate from the inside & got out during the night & when we woke up in the morning, she was sound asleep, between my husband Gary & myself, just like a small child would come into your bed during the night. She must have been there for hours but the amazing thing was she was there & sound asleep. That was a 1st for her sleeping in bed between us, she would always come in if she got the chance but would never relax enough to go to sleep. She is about 6 yrs old & she is growing & learning to trust & love more each day. Can't imagine our home without her in it.

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