Michael Virgadamo is working to Bosnian Government: Protect the stray dogs instead of killing them

Michael Virgadamo

Me and my wife own and operate a pet sitting service, and are passionate about animals and we would both like to advocate for all animals, both pets and strays, for better laws and protection for them. We are both animal lovers and we want the world to know that we want to take a stand for the innocent animals in this world, and ask for God's protection for them, and for other people to stand up for them. They are God's creatures, and He loves them. Why shouldn't we feel the same way as He does towards them? They give love to others, and are filled with God's love. They only need to be treated with kindness and love. We all need God's love. Everyone responds to love. Love defeats evil. Treat an animal with compassion and kindness today. St. Francis did, and you will be glad that you did.

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