Jelaine Gan is working to support CITES decision to stop shark finning of key species

Jelaine Gan

Sharks are apex predators, in other words, they are at the top of their food chain. They keep the ecosystem healthy by preying on the weak and sick . Their disappearance from the oceans will compromise the over-all health of the marine environment. Sharks industry is also unsustainable. Unlike pigs and chickens, we don't have the technology and capacity to breed sharks in aquariums to meet the demand of the market. Sharks in the wild do breed, but the problem is that most sharks mature late and only give birth to a few pups. So the industry hurts their continued existence much faster than they could heal. Studies also show that "A third of all shark species are threatened or near threatened with extinction, with some sharks seeing drops in population by as much as 90%".

They are also misunderstood creatures, the truth is that they are NOT the bloodthirsty monsters who go on a human eating spree. They are actually calm animals that are minding their own business. Only a hundred or so was the recorded shark attack for the past year.

Now let's go to the process, the fishermen throws a line and reel in the shark. But in order to save space, they just cut off the fin, the most valuable part of the shark, and throw the body back to the ocean. The fin-less sharks would die mostly due to suffocation (most can't breathe if they don't move). Other than it's cruel, it's also wasteful. You basically killed a life form for just less than 1/3 of their body. Millions of sharks are killed this way to supply the demand. It shouldn't be surprising that a third of the world's shark species are facing extinction already.

We need Sharks. Please help protect them. Stop eating sharks fin.

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