Hailey Deichmann is working to Honor the Pit Bull as the "Official Dog" of the 2014 New Orleans Jazz Festival

Hailey Deichmann

Pits are such a beautiful yet misunderstood breed. My first encounter with them was when I went to a camp held at the LASPCA and lets just say that it changed my view in more ways than one. But from then on, I have been in love with the breed. They are loyal, affectionate, playful, protective, highly intelligent, and willing to please. Their eyes say everything and they will kiss you until they drop. You can train them to do anything and their only pleasure in life is to please their master. These wonderful dogs are probably one of the most common breeds seen in Louisiana and much of the south yet they are still discriminated against and people are still taught to fear them. Let's change peoples views and show them how beautiful this breed is inside and out.

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