Maureen Trant is working to Fire the officer responsible for shooting Max

Maureen Trant

This Police Chief should be fired,he has killed a family dog which was loved and cared for the way any precious animal should have the right to be.Just image how you would feel if this had happened to your family pet,outraged,heartbroken,devastated wanting justice for what had been done.The Police are suppose to protect and serve not kill a innocent whom did nothing to deserve the horrible death caused by this Police Chief,this man is no better then any other evil inhumane monster,no one has the right to end the life of any precious animal that was placed here on this earth by God ,only God himself has this right,here we are trying to stop the abuse and torture of our precious animals,when this man himself gave him the right to commit murder how many others will lose their lives whether it be a humane or any other creature,he has no right to call himself a Police officer he has committed a crime and should not be allowed to continue in this line of work 81,269 people have committed to sign and get justice for this horrible crime done upon a loving animal who was innocent of any wrong doing,put yourself in this family's position and ask yourself would you what justice or would you what this man to continue being the Police Chief of your community I believe you would want justice and this so called law officer suffer the same consequences as any other evil heartless humane.So I plead with you all please sign and get justice for this loving family pet,please sign and ask others to do so.I will not beg but I will ask you all to look into your heart and soul and please do the right thing.
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