Donald Onley is working to I (We) Support and Will Defend Our American Constitution

Donald Onley

I am writing this petition for our troops in the United States please help are troops on military base and are recruiting office. Thank you very much these troop were thier for us now lets be thier for them

Don Onley
MSG US Army (Retired)

Dear Sir or Ma’am,

I am an American Service Member, I began writing this letter on Veteran’s day, but decided to send it on this, the first day of the new congress. I am writing to advise you of a travesty of law, and to ask for your action to redress it.

It is illegal for me or for my brothers and sisters in arms to carry our arms where we work. Despite my intense training in weapons proficiency and employment and significant performance when deployed, when I return home I am not trusted to carry even a pistol to protect myself or my fellow service members where we work, and when assigned to some states, am not even permitted to bear my personal arms to protect my family at home or elsewhere.

My fellow Service members and I face real threats at home. High-profile cases like the attacks on Fort Hood and the Navy Yard have grabbed headlines; Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech also demonstrate that such threats affect our families and fellow citizens. Many more of my brothers and sisters have been gunned down one on one with less notice; and that does not even account for the many citizens who we have sworn to protect. Our oath was to support and defend the Constitution, and thus citizens of this nation, from enemies both foreign and domestic; yet we are not allowed to bear our arms to fulfill our oath. The public wrongly assumes the “Armed Forces” to be armed and capable of repelling attacks, at very least on our own bases. We are not.

I accept my charge to defend the nation willingly, I volunteered. I understand there must be rules to govern the use of force. I offer the attached ten points to detail a broad policy that can be used to make this happen.

1) Mandatory open carry of select Armed Forces Personnel while on duty and in uniform, supplemented by appropriate training and restricted by mental/behavioral health evaluations and criminal record inquiries
2) Optional, but fully legalized, concealed carry for all Armed Forces Personnel
3) Carry license for both would be the already issued military identification Card, specially marked

By empowering our commands and relying on our disciplined forces, we can improve our Armed Force's ability to protect itself, and reduce our enemy's ability to threaten the American People as a whole.

A sweeping Republican majority was just elected in the mid-term elections. That party claims to be pro-military and pro-gun rights. I urge you to work with this majority in fixing this appalling state of affairs. I am a single-issue voter, this is my issue. Allow me and my brothers and sisters in-arms to protect ourselves as we protect the American people. Arm the Armed Forces!

Sincerely and Very Respectfully,
First Name, Last Name
American Service-Member and Voting Constituent


Arm the Armed Forces 10 Point Policy:

1. Yearly pistol qualifications required (live fire Joint combat pistol course to be established)
2. "A" for "armed" added to our military ID card right below the name.
3. Option for authority to be armed available at command discretion for all service-members (regardless of age) and mandatory for line Officers, Senior Non Commissioned Officers and those serving in a Law Enforcement capacity.
4. Open-Carry mandatory and an inspect-able item when on duty (normal workday not just Duty Officer etc.)
5. Concealed carry optional when off duty. Service members will be authorized for use of deadly force in defense of self and others from deadly threats or serious bodily harm ONLY.
6. Weapons will be under direct control of service-members at all times or unloaded and double-locked when on Government Property.
7. Negligent Discharges and other related weapons crimes or conduct infractions punishable with mandatory Non-Judicial Punishment, forfeiture of pay and required re-qualification, command retains option for elevation to Courts-Martial, repeat offenses subject to Bad Conduct Discharges.
8. Active Duty, Reservist and National Guard service members will now be covered under the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) Federal Law, or a parallel law will be created explicitly for them. The US attorney's office is charged to defend this protection against any legal challenges.
9. Mental Health/Behavioral objections from any military medical officer or any authority in the service member’s chain of command will immediately suspend the authority/requirement for carry, pending review by a board comprised of command, medical and mental health officers, suspension of authority is independent of prohibition on owning personal weapons-this will be handled under pre-existing regulations, suspension pending review does not automatically bear on proficiency evaluations or promotions
10. When on Government Property, service members granted authority would furnish their own weapons in the standard service caliber, weapons will be semi-automatic, in good working order, and will be fed by standard sized magazines (neither extended beyond the magazine well nor reduced in capacity).

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