Fabricio Godoy is working to Stop the political conflict in Mozambique. No war.

Fabricio Godoy

Dear friends, I don’t know what else we can do at this very moment, but we certainly do not want see any more violence in Africa as we have seen for the last half century. So please sign the petition asking government, UN and the political parties in Mozambique for peace.

"A rights group has called for the interior minister to resign after about 10 abductions in the past eight days.

Kidnappers have demanded ransoms of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Six people, including a presidential guard, were sentenced to 16 years in prison on Monday for their involvement in abductions.

The 13-year-old boy, named as Abdul Rashid, was found dead on Monday in the town of Dondo, about 30km (20 miles) from Beira." (Rafael Anita Langa - campaigner)

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