Chuckie Sanders is working to Fire the officer responsible for shooting Max

Chuckie Sanders

My name is Chareles Sanders. I have dog in which I consider a son. I found him as a pup against the fence, cold outside. He was shaking, and scaired to death of me because of the abuse I asume from the kids. He was hairless, full of lice, had bad mange, and his belly was swollen up like a softball on his little body. Thinking he was going to die by the morning, I took hom in, gave him a warm bath, and feed him soft warm food. I went to work the next day, just knowing he was going to be dead when I returned, I got home, and he was motionless, so I grabed a pillow, and a box, and started to put him in the box. When I went to pick him up,, he turned around, and a swear he smiled at me. Made me tear up a bit. So I reapeated the same thing for two days. He sleept for those two says, and on the 3rd day, I came home and he was jumping, running, and barking. He looked like hell,, lol,, and was scratching his hairless boody off, but he was happy, and I was too. I decided to name him Audio. Audio was laughed at when I walked him, and mothers made their kids wash their hands after petting him. That made me sick! But three months later, his hair grew back, his mange was gone,, and he was a very good looking dog. Mid size dog. The same lady that made her kids wash their hands asked me WoW,, where did you get him>? He is beautiful, unlike that nasty dog you had a few months ago. I said LADY,, look into his eyes, and remember when you made your kids wash their hands??? TA DAA!!!! She started to talk and say but but HOW,, And How did,,,, I cut her off and said Because, LOVE IS THE DIFFERENCE THAT LIFE MAKES. And walked off. Hes still with me 5 years later, and he barks at anyone that has bad vibes twards me.
The reason why this cop should be fired is because, He has no passion for the owner,the dog,, or life itself, and should not be trusted to use good judge ment. Hell, he had plenty of choices!! He could have stunned the dog, let the owner call some one to get him, or simply put the man in the car and call the pound to get him. But to shoot him, and kill him in front of his daddy??? I absolutelly KNOW HE SHOULD BE FIRED. If that was my dog,, WE BOTH WOULD BE DEAD!!!! And for what? I value life,, and I love my dog like a son,, thats why! So please share your story of why you think this heartless cop shoul be fired,, and lets get it done so no owner, and no dog will have to have there lives destroyed by hatred from this bad cop! Thanks,, :)

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