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Evans Loren

Back a few years ago.. A dear friend.. John Hannon.. received the news that he had lung cancer.. I believe that was oct/nov.. A man of great strength .. love.. courage and integrity .. As we watched him try to defeat the cancer inside him.. the months passed and the most unfortunate he passed over in feb months later.. He was never a smoker.. A wonderful Bootfitness Camp Instructor.. who helps hundreds of children and adults to a healthier life style... The world has lost a great man a mentor.. A father to two beautiful Boys.. A son to a wonderful mom, who has also battled cancer.. a baby brother as well.. I now am a companion to his best buddy mandog Chip Hannon and i see John spirt in him everyday.. I also have countless clients i have loved dearly loose the battle and some who are fighting with their all to conquer the beast.. I am hoping a day comes that there will be no more battles and we can defeat this with out such pain to ourselves .. family.. friends and best friend pets.. I alos see pets loosing the battle daily.. please if You can find it in yr day to donate .. i do believe this can happen

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