Vishant Venkatesh is working to STOP THE PASSING OF "PCTV Bill" in INDIAN PARLIAMENT

Vishant Venkatesh

Earlier this year one of my 6 yr old cousin was sexually abused for many months by a group of people belonging to the minority community. The child was going to a reputed International School on Kurla. Inspite of lodging FIRS and abiding by all the laws thr parents were held responsible and the criminals were given the clean chit. And a leading newspaper few days ago even reported the parents being paranoid and blamed the child for fantasising and cooking up such imagination. I dont understand how a 6 year old who is also slow learner can come up with such stories. The school extended no cooperation or support because it belongs a to a big time politician and washed off their hands.
This is the condition before the bill has been passed. Our own people blame us for being paranoid. Just imagine the state when the bill gets passed. Instead of those criminals the parents and the child who is still suffering mental trauma will be behind bars. Mumbai Police even without proper investigation has closed the case while those paedophiles are still at large. And the media also reports incomplete truth highlighting what is not true rather than the truth without clearly understanding both sides of the story.
Friends. This has happened to my relative can happen to anyone from your family as well. Why are we waiting for that day. All we need to do is sign a petetion against something which is not favourable to us. Passing of this bill will only work to someone elses benefit at our cost.
Rest is your choice.
Thank you for reading.

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