Carol E Ryder

I became a lawyer later in life simply because I saw way too much as a volunteer at animal shelters and in nursing homes (pet therapy). I also became involved in politics as far as legislative and enforcement changes are concerned. This scourge needs to be addressed at federal level because 1. The Federal government has resources far exceeding states' resources and 2. Many animal abuse situations cross state lines and/or otherwise fall into the purview of federal law. These include issues such as: endangered species control, wild horse/mustang round-up, cattle farmers allowed to use OUR federal land, slaughterhouses, with transport of "product" to and from, rodeos, circus', puppy mills, animal fighting (which goes hand-in-hand with drugs, a federal issue, guns, violence, prostitution, even forced prostitution, including girls and ladies being smuggled into this country after being kidnapped elsewhere and/or told they were coming here for nanny jobs), animal testing, government animal testing, including Plum Island animal disease research just off the coast of Long Island, NY, and Great Apes Protection and Cost Savings Act, and so many other federal issues. It also includes the work of NY PAW (New Yorkers Protecting Animal Welfare), including funding, help for veterans/service members who all get the short end of the stick-least we can do is aid them with their Service Animals, PTSD/Therapy Dogs and pets, and other work, such as legislation , enforcement and education, discussed above. Our President, and Joe Biden, need to be involved and call upon Congress to get off its butt and get bills passed through NOW and on President Obama's desk to sign.

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