Geoffrey Wells is working to stop eating genetically engineered food!

Geoffrey Wells

After a life of being heathy in spite of the abuse I put my body through - 40 years in construction, never wore a mask!, tobacco, alcohol, party a bit too hearty some times - issues began to creep up, primarily breathing (go figure). Smoking - I was over that - construction, I could barely walk without gasping how could I build a house!, that took care of the mask issue, moderation became a motto yet until I found that I had immense allergies (where before I had none) that were causing asthma and started treating that, I was not in good hands. However, after a year dealing with the allergies, I hit a plateau. Being an organic guy from way back I started doing more research into GMO and other additives that are common in ag/biz food - processed and fresh. Short story - no more. I eat, and buy, only organic now, and have restarted the improvement in my health. Our immune systems are being bombarded and must be encouraged as much as possible. Local producers must encouraged as well. It turns out not to be more expensive and is certainly more beneficial to the environment Aloha

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