Peggy Julian is working to recall Barack Hussein Obama

Peggy Julian

He is a fake president planted here to promote islam, communism, marxism and socialism. The plan is to destroy the middle class so that the elite can rule who is left who will be slaves and peasants. Obama hates America and the patriots. He is eliminating everyone who can help us be free. He has told thousands of lies-had people killed such as the Benghazi murders, Seal Team Six, Briebart and many others who were a threat to him. Don't forget Fast and Furious and all the false flags, the IRS scandal, the spying on the citizens and foreign allies. These are just the tip of the iceberg. And don't forget Obamacare the biggest hoax of all, which just turns just to be a big tax to make the insurance companies and certain other people rich and from which Obama exempted himself.

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