Brooklynn McIntyre is working to urge Wharton County to help the animals at Smiling Dog Farms

Brooklynn McIntyre

This is completely ubsurd. This makes me absolutely sick this happens all around us. There's a lot of words I would like to put but they wouldn't be very nice, so I'll keep it to the point. FB friends around me we all know what just happened at Klien Animal Shelter in Jacksonville, Tx and this is another place like it. We need to stop this! ALL you need to do is click the link and hit sign it will ask your zip then your name.. The signing started at 7,000 and they need 756 more for something to be done about it and for those babies lives to be changed! Would you want to live like this? Not a decent place to sleep, green growing in their water, weeds grew up around their cages if that's what you even want to call them.. And as you see those sweet babies are asking for help if you look in every picture they are jumping up on the fence begging for the love they deserve! HELP! PLEASE SIGN! Thanks yall!

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