Steven Tsantis is working to Arrest the Rapists & Bullies Responsible for Rehtaeh's Death

Steven Tsantis

I was 8 when the first of my 2 sister were raped. I found out when my 2nd sister was raped when I was 14. It was hard to even think about sex in a good way at first when sex is what hurt my sister. I went to one of the first ever counseling groups for family of raped and abused victims. They included fathers, husbands, brothers, boyfriends. to make a long story short, in our first meeting changed my life forever. In the middle of the meeting after a few expressed our anger and wanting to kill the rapist, the monitor. Said I have your experience, so I know how you feel. And have thought of doing the same thing many times. Until I realized my wife needed me more. I had to decide did I love my wife and do what she needed more then I hated the man that hurt her, and get revenge. If we got revenge most likely we would not get away with it and go to jail. Which my sister might have blamed herself because I said I did it for her. For the next 25+ years I became a rape and abuse counselor. Fighting for my sisters, and everyone else's mothers, sisters, wife's, brothers, and children both boys and girls. It is not as bad as it was in 1972, when the judge told my sister; quote, what do you expect from a red blooded man when you wear sexy clothes. First, how she was dressed should never had mattered, even thought her waitress dress was an inch above her knee, and in those days called a mini skirt. Also the man who raped my sister was the pizza delivery man, and never went into the bar she worked in. I with a lot of help fought to change things. I took training and lectured on rape and abuse in high schools. I also counseled girl, women, boys men personally who were assaulted. Things got a lot better, but still needed more to be done. It appeared to be 70% better then when I started, but in the last few years it has slipped backwards about 10%. Evil prevails when good men and women do nothing to stop it.

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