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Natural Rubber collected from rubber trees are converted to various forms. Manufactured products from natural rubber with synthetic rubber finds use all over the World. The statistics are collected to maintain supply and demand. Indian Rubber Statistics published by the Indian Rubber Board contain anomalies/ mathematical errors. By adding opening stock, production and import gives total availability. Subtracting export and consumption does not provide balance stock correctly. The missing figures are positive and negative and are continuously existing for few years. It reflects on price fluctuations. The balance stock can be surplus due to heavy imports. To facilitate higher profits through imports, the domestic price can often be manipulated and kept at a higher level than the International price. Export at lower price to various Countries promote corruption. The Rubber plantations are cultivated by replacing food producing crops/trees. Due to a long term usage the land where rubber trees were planted can't be re-converted to plant food crops easily. The fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides etc used in rubber estate could prove harmful for plants, trees, animals and humans. The anomalies with regard to Rubber Statistics published by the Rubber Board need to be studied and remedied. Natural Rubber is not a substitute for agricultural produces. These errors in statistics is a bad trend and will lead to hunger. Stay healthy naturally with healthy agricultural produces.

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