Maria Esposito is working to Stop The Senseless Killing Of Staten Island Turkeys

Maria Esposito

I have worked at South Beach Psychiatric center over 35 years - when there was only one or two turkeys. The former Director, Ms. Lucy Sarkis, was kind enough to have some pens built in the back of the grounds for these turkeys.

It was a pleasure seeing all of these turkeys roaming around (bothering NO ONE). Oh sure, there was turkey poop all over, but hey was it dirtier than our city streets where "humans" throw garbage all over!

Patients got a kick out of seeing these turkeys roaming around making them feel that they were on a "farm" and it gave a nice serene calm feeling surrounding the beautiful grounds of the Center.

Both staff & patients fed these turkeys, and when they gave birth most of the time they found a shaded tree & our residents would tend & take care of them.

So, I would like to know who is complaining? I know the surrounding community would complain that they were on their lawns, and in the streets.

Okay, take these turkeys to a farm where they can roam free & enjoy mother nature. I know that several organizations offered this - so why did
we not take advantage of this?????????????

It is called "POLITICS" its bad enough that our government is going down the drain, thanks to our leaders, - now they are destroying nature too - what a disgrace - I am waiting when the "government" will feel that "over 65 is too old and lets get rid of them too"!

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