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Catherine Callaghan

We are becoming sick, killing off insects, and animals, polluting our land and water. We are ingesting chemicals that are unnatural to our bodies and this is way out of control! You can't get away from genetically modified food in the USA. Other countries refuse our polluted modified crops because this is TOXIC food. Crap even the CHEERIOS we give our babies is modified here in the USA but not in other countries because we are the Worlds fools allowing this! 64 other countries (or more) are not allowing their crops to be modified! People need to understand what MONSANTO and other chemical corporations are doing! We must demand that it is time to clean up our resources, and get rid of the chemical toxic soup we are being fed without our knowledge (until recently!) This information is not coming quickly from our corrupt government, so MARCH with me and tell your Representatives to get moving or get out.

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