Joseph Nadeem is working to Pass out Fair Trade chocolate this Halloween!

Joseph Nadeem

Renaissance Education Foundation is also working on child laber and their families.please read one of the true stories.
Renaissance Education Foundation (REF) along with her dedicated team visited brick kiln factories where we met Safia who was working with her husband who was heart attacked and died just because of poverty working long time good for nothing.
The main source of her earning is blocked due to the death of her husband as he was underestimated due to the loan and he was working like salvage, now she having 6 kids younger one is in 2+ everyone can felt that the poor woman who was helping her husband in brick making and the expert of brick maker had died then what should she is thinking about the 6 kids and their life.
All were underestimated by the owner of the brick factory due to her husband pledged the family as per their needs says Safia, she wanted to safe her children but she couldn’t because her husband was pledged them after his death, he is now free from every circumstances but put his family in trouble.
All 6 kids were working when we reached the brick factory; safia told the REF that she wanted to kill the kids along with herself because now there is no mean to live for listening the owners and she herself putting her children in child Labrador which is called child abusing.
We immediately decided to take her children in orphan house and start educating them in Renaissance Education Foundation Higher Secondary School so that in this ways we can help the poor Safia who wasn’t live please put hands together for giving happiness and life and better future for them.

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