Kamila Bienias is working to lobby the CITES Secretariat & the 178 Member Parties

Kamila Bienias

My love is a dance, mountains and horses. I adore to travel, to get to know new countries, interesting places, culture of other nations.
I am tolerant, empathy, sensitive, emotional, curious about world and people. I am dreaming of a journey round the world.
I am planning the trekking in Himalayas , Karakorum, the Andes and Kilimanjaro.
I am loving dances latino the most bachata and salsa. A temperament and an atmosphere of these countries suit me.
I like interesting, remarkable people, secret places and events....
I am practicing yoga, I am meditating, I am playing on gongs and Tibetan bowls, I know traditional karate, taichi and other eastern fights .
Photograph, film, music, paragliding are also in the range of my interests.
I love the jewellery, precious stones and eastern dresses.
I have a strong character but I am sometimes a shy ....
I can not stand rudeness, intolerance....
My advantage is the smile which removes barriers but drawback the good heart which people try some to exploit.
I have happiness on road of life meet inspiring, interesting people.
I believe, that dreams do come true.
I do not drink, do not smoke.

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