Patricia C Rohan is working to Save the Gorillas of Virunga Park, DRC

Patricia C Rohan

These beautiful intelligent and heart captivating Gorillas are in extreme danger. What makes this cause so infinitely important besides the obvious is that the reason this is so dangerous is because of the nature of the threat to these beautiful creatures. This threat is based on the vulgarity and greed of huge oil companies that think they can get away with murdering innocent animals and people because they believe they have power!

Let's show them that they are not as powerful as they believe they are! This world was not created to be exploited by powerful self centered egotistical oil companies. They may win a few scrims she's here and there, but we aim to show them that they will never win the war!

These Gorillas are in desperate need of every single person who will take one moment out of their day to join this campaign and join the brave WARRIORS! The men who bravely face up to the intimidation and cheap dirty tricks to get to land they have no business putting one foot on! The WARRIORS are the day to day men, the RANGERS OF THE VIRUNGA NATION PARK! They have already taken the Head Ranger Rodrigue Katembo and put him in Jain for over two weeks on trumped up charges. How dare they take this loyal and brave man away from his home and family!

Oil companies are not only doing these thug like actions in the Virunga National Park, but in the Arctic as well! The have taken 50 hostages from the Green Piece Ship and have them in custody in Russia on false accusations of piracy!

If we don't fight these gangsters of the oil companies here and now, who know what will they try to do next! The GreenPeace 50 where trying to avert a catastrophic oil spill in the Arctic!

Doesn't this sound like the Brave men and women of both Africa and the Arctic fighting against the COWARDS OF OIL COMANY organized crime like methodology?

FIGHT BACK!!!! Each one, each person is needed in this EVIL FIGHT!

Why should Russia continue to have the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games, if they can't be trusted to release the 50 GreenPeace Activists?

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